Welcome to Sa-ma-dul Wellness & Massage

Sa-ma-dul is a Sanskrit word meaning balance. We are greatly concerned that the perfect balance between the body and mind enhances one's vigorous health.

Sa-ma-dul wellness and massage, located within asiatique the riverfront, is the first and biggest lifestyle project in asia in which the clientele are mostly of foreign origin.

We realise that visiting tourist would feel tired from their journey and be in need of some relaxation and energisation. Sa-ma-dul wellness and massage welcomes you to enjoy our excellent service and treatment.


Please wellcome to our 2 locations below,

Branch 1  :  No. 3192 warehouse 3 trok(Lane) 1 , Asiatique The Riverfront

Branch 2 : No. 1022A warehouse 1 trok(Lane) 11 ,Asiatique    The Riverfront


For reservation please call :  662-108-4298, 6681-618-3576,  6681-804-1252

Line id : wandeeniti